What remedy does Darryl have and against who?

Questions : Darryl, a university student, just inherited a large sum of money from his grandmother?s estate. He bought a new Mercedes automobile and paid cash to the dealer. Darryl in turn received the keys and ownership papers for the car from the dealer. He asked the dealer to leave the car in the parking next to the dealership as he needed to arrange insurance and a parking space outside his apartment, and would pick up the car when he had done this. When he returned the next day, he found the car had been vandalized.;What remedy does Darryl have and against who? Explain.;Lindsay agreed to buy a large flatscreen TV from the local dealer of the national electronics chain, SpaceAge Electronics. The cost was $1,899. and the TV would be ordered in from the regional warehouse in Calgary. The purchase order did not specify a delivery date but Lindsay was assured by the salesperson that ?the TV would be here in a couple of days. Lindsay paid a $400 deposit. Four days later, she saw the same TV model advertised for $1,400, and purchased it. She then called SpaceAge to cancel her order and requested the return of the deposit.;Does the Sale of Goods Act affect Lindsay;Will she likely lose her deposit?;Will she likely end up with 2 TVs or 1? Explain why.;Three construction companies in the Vancouver area, Mercator Construction, Haarlem Contractors, and Vesalius Industries secretly agreed to take turns in submitting the lowest bid on various projects that require three separate tenders. The two who do not have a turn for the lowest bid, deliberately bid high.;Is there anything wrong or illegal with this practice?;What is this practice called?;What legislation governs this type of behaviour?;only one page;apa style;no plagiarism