Select one of the following individuals who played a significant role in communicating the faith.

Historical Catholic Communicator Select one of the following individuals who played a significant role in communicating the faith. Some we covered (or will cover in class). Others we may not cover in class. Dorothy Day, Blessed Titus Brandsma, Saint Oscar Romero, Daniel Rudd, Saint Pope John Paul II, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Father James Alberione, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Mary Angelica, Father Patrick Peyton, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Sister Thea Bowman, Saint Francis DeSales, Venerable Thecla Merlo, Carlos Acutis. Do research on him or her using at least two sources, one of which must be a Catholic publication, article or other form of media – i.e. television, radio, podcast, blog, etc. You must use sources other than the ones we used in class. It can be an article or writing about him or her or by him or her. It can be print, online, a book or an electronic source i.e. a video, podcast, digital media, radio, television interview, etc. You could also try to find a source where he or she was interviewed. Use credible sources and cite them in MLA style. Write at least a three page paper addressing the following questions: Through his or her use of journalism, media or communications (you can include the communications language of presence, joy, etc.) explain how he or she modeled any of the virtues or any of the communications standards we learned about in class such as: freedom and truth, promotion of the common good, and respect for the dignity of the human person.Did this person live any of the works of mercy? If so, which ones and how? Give examples. What can we learn from this person to apply to the world today? Explain. Pick any quotes or stories from him or her that resonated with you. Explain why.Report on any new information you learned, what most impacted you in this research about him or her, and/or what you felt after doing this research. Write a clear introduction. Cite the sources using MLA style for both in-text citations and the Works Cited page. Type the paper, double spaced. Some options for a Catholic sourceCatholic News Agency Catholic news AleteiaNational Catholic RegisterNational Catholic ReporterRelevant Radio Ave Maria RadioEWTNCrux Now – Our Sunday Visitor Vatican News – Angelus News (The Los Angeles, California newsite) A diocesan or religious order’s publication or other media sourceAmerica MagazineFirst Things –