What is your social movement’s purpose, its reason to be?

Template (2–3 pages) Use this template as a guide to writing your Can Modern Art Make America Great Again? assignment. Be sure to include all the headings and answer all the questions underneath each heading. Contemporary Social Movement Selection (1/2 page) What social movement did you select? You may select any of these contemporary social movements: Me Too, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, ISIS, and MAGA. You may select another social movement if you wish, but you must obtain your instructor’s approval before you begin writing. What is your social movement’s purpose, its reason to be? Why did you select this particular movement? Why does this movement matter to you? What art (photography, sculpture, graffiti, propaganda, artwork, etc.) has been created to embody this particular social movement? Copy and paste an image of this art into your assignment. This image is not included in the required page count.  Social Movement’s Message (1/2 page) What message do you believe the artist hoped to convey? Description of and Personal Response to the Artwork (1/2 page) What do you see in this artwork? Be sure to provide sufficient detail. What does this artwork make you think and feel? Classmates’ Responses to the Artwork (1/2 page) How did your classmates respond to the artwork you shared in the Week 5 discussion post? The Role of Art in Social Movements (1/2 page) How as this assignment changed your view of the role of art in social movements—if at all?