While genes have potential to modify behavior, behavior can also modify genes. How do genes impact this process?


A noncompliant patient states, “Why do you want me to put this poison in my body?” Identify the best response made by the psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP).

A. “You have to take your medication to become stable.”

B.”Most medications will increase the number of neurotransmitters that you already have in the brain.”

C.”Most medications used in treatment are either increasing or decreasing neurotransmitters that your body already has.”

D.”Why do you believe that your medication is poison?” 


Which statement about neurotransmitters and medications is true?

A. Natural neurotransmitters such as endorphins have been discovered after the development of medications.

B. Some medications were developed after the discovery and known action of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

C. Neurotransmitters receive messages from most medications.

D. The neurotransmitter serotonin is directly linked to depression. Following this discovery, the antidepressant Prozac was developed.


When an unstable patient asks why it is necessary to add medications to his current regimen, the PMHNP’s best response would be:

A. “In an extreme case such as yours, more than one medication is often needed.”

B. “Due to the ineffectiveness of your current medication, we need to try something else that can possibly potentiate its effects.

C. “Medications are often specific to the neurotransmitter(s) they are affecting and, due to more than one neurotransmitter involvement, it is often necessary to use more than one medication to improve symptoms.”

D. “I understand your concern. We can discontinue your current medication and switch to a different one that may better manage your symptoms.”


During gene expression, what must occur prior to a gene being expressed?

A. Transcription factor must bind to the regulatory region within the cell’s nucleus.

B. RNA must be converted to mRNA.

C. The coding region must separate from the regulatory region. This is wrong

D. RNA polymerase must inhibit the process of changing RNA to mRNA.


While genes have potential to modify behavior, behavior can also modify genes. How do genes impact this process?

A. Genes impact neuron functioning directly.

B. Changes made to proteins lead to changes in behavior.

C. Neurons are able to impact protein synthesis.

D. Genes impact the DNA of a cell, leading to changes in behavior.