In your own words, summarize what the bill would do if it passed into law.


The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with how a bill becomes a law in the State of Nevada. Part of being the resident of a state is participating in how the laws that govern us come into being. We’re lucky enough that we’re in the midst of the 81st session of the Nevada Legislature, so there are plenty of new bills to choose from and follow. It can be a long process with some bills never moving to the floor to be heard, or some moving through both houses only to be vetoed by the Governor. There are all sorts of bills for you to choose from including one about the incorporation of a city, and a proposal to make Nevada immune to Daylight Savings Time.

Bills that have begun the process can be found here: 


Select one of the bills that have been proposed so far and answer the following questions:

1) In your own words, summarize what the bill would do if it passed into law.

2) If the bill were to pass, what impacts could it have on the following? (Hint: The bill may not have all of the following types of impact, but will touch on at least one.)

Fiscal Impact (State and Local)

Social Impact (State and Local)

Economic/ Business Impact (State and Local)

Rights Impact (Does this change how a resident would do/ be able to do something in the state?)

Note: Keep in mind that some bills as proposed may have unintentional impacts that may not have been considered yet. If you see these, feel free to include them, expand on them, and back them up with outside sources.

3) In your own words, what are the arguments for and against the passage of this bill?

4) In your opinion, should this ballot measure be passed? Explain your choice.

Note: You can frame this as if you were going to make public comment at a hearing for this bill. Please bolster your argument with facts to be considered and use outside sources.


Your response must be 4-5 pages in length, written. (Your title page and reference page do not count toward page total.)

Please use proper grammar and punctuation in your response.

APA Format includes: double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides, 12 point Times New Roman font, a title page, and a reference page.

APA format for this assignment DOES NOT include an abstract. DO NOT include an abstract.

If you have additional questions about APA format regarding in-text citations or the reference page, please see: