To paraphrase a poem means to 


Question 1 

1. Hopkins’s use of “seared,” “bleared,” and “smeared” is an example of 

A. simile.

B. metaphor.

C. assonance.

D. alliteration.

Question 2 

2. Allusions are defined as 

A. references to things, places, people, and events outside of the reading selection.

B. verses that are written without end rhymes and without any kind of strict meter.

C. types of figurative language that are used to state informative facts and ideas.

D. two concepts that have nothing in common being put together for description.

Question 3 

3. To paraphrase a poem means to 

A. determine the rhyme scheme.

B. rewrite it in one’s own words.

C. summarize its theme.

D. analyze the meter.