Discuss how slavery began on Barbados according to this narrative?

Give a summary of the story: who? what? when? where? Give your critical (and personal) reaction to the chapter.Discuss how slavery began on Barbados according to this narrative? Why were planters on Barbados not allowed to trade with manufacturers in Massachusetts? How does this chapter illustrate the different destinies of former indentured servants; some rising to prominence as planters and slave owners, and other becoming pirates?What do you think of the moral dilemma that the slave girl, Naomi, found herself in? What was the role of Captain Brongersma of the Dutch ship Stadhouder? According to Captain Brongersma, what is the difference between ‘freebooters’ and ‘pirates? What do you think about the fact that church attendance was required by law? What did you think of the Carib hunting party that went from Barbados to All Saints? Remember, according to the narrative, the Caribs were the same ones who hunted Tainos in chapter one. Before you start to think of Will Tatum and the Roundheads as the heroes on Barbandos, they were just as enthusiastic about hunting Caribs as Oldmixon and the Caviliers. Only source to be use: (attached document)Chapter 5: Big Storms in Little England