Explain how that quote reflects your stated theme

This essay requires that you focus on four stories from Carver’s collection, so there should be at least four body paragraphs in your outline. Know that specific attention will be placed on the body paragraphs, so make sure they’re clear, developed and that they present critical analyses of the quotes used.


I. Introduction

· Reference the title of work with full title name and full name of author

· Give a synopsis of the book (1-2 sentences)

· State your theme, which includes 1) the topic the stories revolve around and 2) what the book is saying about that topic.

II. Body Paragraphs (what’s listed below is the criteria for each body paragraph)

1. Name the short story or literary element you are focusing on

2. Develop the topic sentence; this is an opportunity for you further, and more clearly, explain what you’re focusing on in relation the literary element and/or the short story

3. Next, describe the scene from the story that relates to your literary element from your selected short story you’re focusing on

4. Cite the quote in MLA format

5. Explain how that quote reflects your stated theme (this part of the paragraph is important and where most of your interpretation is presented to the reader and should be 3-4 lines long)

(Note: there should be at least 4 body paragraphs in the above format)

III. Conclusion

· End with an overview of Carver’s book and re-emphasize the significance of your theme

· Explain what Carver’s stories reveal to us about the nature of the topic you focused on: Love, Marriage and Family, Masculinity and Femininity, or Violence.