What are the major claims of the article? 


1.Where is the article published? ls the journal peer reviewed, meaning that other researchers have reviewed and commented on it before it was published?

2.What is the author’s purpose in writing the article?

3. What research gap is being addressed or what research tradition is being extended in this article?

4. Who is the target audience for the article and what would they hope to get out of it?

5. What is the date of the article?

6. Who does the author cite for setting up their argument?

7. What are the research questions or what is the statement of purpose?

8. Does the author state which theories they are working with or what frameworks inform their research? What are they?

9. Who or what is the author studying?

10. How is the study set up? What did the participants do?

11. How were the data collected? What materials or instruments did the author use? Where can you find them? 

12. How are the data analyzed?

13.What are the major results?

14. What information is in the tables and figures? Can you interpret those tables or figures? 

15. What are the major claims of the article? 

16.How do the findings address the research question(s) or purpose of the article?

17.What is the significance of the claims?

18. What limitations does the author note, if any?

19.How do the findings link to the previous research introduced in the introduction?