Where on the Cultural Competence continuum was this agency?

Measuring Effectiveness9Read Olavarria, et al (2009) study on “How to conduct an organizational self-assessment.” In the article you will see examples of research methods, evaluations, and assessment discussed this week. The study provided 5 broad and distinct areas that can be the basis for developing cultural competence standards in social services/human services organizations/agencies. It is also relevant to clients’ needs, interests, and the context of the organization. For this discussion you will integrate knowledge and experience to discuss the following questions:1. Chose an agency/organization that either you utilized or heard about.2. As much as you are able, apply the 5 areas in the article that can be a basis for developing cultural competence.3. Where on the Cultural Competence continuum was this agency? Give an example why the agency is culturally competent or not.4. Make at least two suggestions that may help the agency/organization/church change or modify service delivery to clients/members, etc. (For example: Some agencies/institutions advertise in their mission statement that they respect diversity and multiculturalism, but their actual service delivery does not match their advertisement).