“What is there about us that people need to be given a rest from?”

  • Part of your grade is based on selection, integration, and citation of paraphrased quotations.
    • Read “Walker Brothers Cowboy,” Vol. 2, p. 1476-1486.
    • Review the “Critical Reading Skills” section of the W1 Literary Analysis Tools module.
    • Perform a close reading of these two paragraphs from “Walker Brothers Cowboy” in Volume 2 of your textbook: The first full paragraph on p. 1478, which begins “In the afternoons she often walks to Simon’s Grocery…” and the first paragraph on p. 1479, which begins “What is there about us that people need to be given a rest from?” You may find it helpful to annotate or take notes.
    • Refer to the grading rubric for this assignment using the link in the Gradebook.

Step 2: Reflect

A close reading allows the reader to carefully evaluate the reading to identify details that may be missed during a casual reading. Identifying these details helps the reader to form conclusions about the text. Analyze the details you observed in your close reading and draw conclusions the narrator’s parents and her relationships with them.

Step 3: Respond

Post 1: Respond to the following questions in your post, giving examples of tone and diction to support your answers:

  • What do these paragraphs reveal about the narrator’s relationships with her parents?
  • How do these two paragraphs reveal the narrator’s feelings about those relationships?


  • 300 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations)
  • Include properly integrated and cited paraphrased quotations (at least one from each paragraph) to support your claims. See the Literary Analysis Tools Module from this week’s activities for information about integrating and citing paraphrased quotes.