Describe the issue you are trying to understand in a geographical sense 

The purpose of this paper is to summarize the organization of your final map project. You must choose a real issue to study geographically with the San Diego Region. Use SANDAG and U.S. Census and your own GPS shapefiles and databases to create your map and then perform the necessary spatial analysis in order to help solve the problem or understand the issue better. This is a formal paper and must follow APA format. The minimum length is at least two pages (not including title page), and include/discuss the following elements: 

• Cover page (with Title of Map and required class information elements) 

• Formal outline (APA style) 

• Introduction 

• Describe the issue you are trying to understand in a geographical sense 

• Why was this issue chosen and what is the need to understand it in a geographical sense? 

• What is the main point of your map and how do the elements and analysis you conducted support that? 

• What is the specific question(s) you are asking? 

• How you plan on addressing the issue/s within your map? 

• Use GIS Concepts from class lectures and tutorials when discussing issues and processes 

• What layers did you use and what are their detailed origins used in the map? 

• How did you plan the organization of your map abd what were the reasons for doing so? 

• Conclusion Your grade will be based on (100 total points): 

• Cover page aesthetics and includes all required elements: 10 points 

• Outline quality: 10 points 

• APA style applied correctly to body of paper and reference page: 10 points 

• Spelling and grammar: 10 points 

• GIS concepts discussed: 10 points 

• Critical thinking applied: 10 points 

• Logical order and flow is smooth: 10 points 

• Good introduction and conclusion: 10 points 

• All questions addressed: 10 points 

• 2 full written pages (not including title, outline or reference page): 10 points 

Final QGIS Map Project