Does a president, king, or prime minister administer the country?

During the term, you will submit a Country Inventory research paper. The paper will be about a country in the world that you choose. Please feel free to select a country you have an interest in and would want to move to study. The paper will consist of at least 2,000 words using the APA writing style. The paper will consist of 4 sections:

  1. Physical Geography: This section will address the physical characteristics of the country selected. The types of characteristics that should be discussed are things like landforms, climate, resources, altitude, etc. This section will provide a good background site of the country and its habitability.
  2. Cultural Geography: This section of the paper will address the cultural characteristics of the country selected. In this section, you should discuss such man related characteristics as the languages spoken in the country, religious practices of the inhabitants, foods, music, dress customs, etc.
  3. Political Geography: In this section, you will discuss how the country is managed. Does a president, king, or prime minister administer the country? Also, what type of world & regional organizations do they participate in, i.e. United Nations, NATO, etc. What are the political relationships with their neighboring countries?
  4. The Future of the Country: In this section of the paper, discuss what you think the future holds for this country. Your perception of their future should be based upon what you discovered about their cultural, physical, and political geography. There is no set answer to this portion of the paper, but your reply should be a result of the makeup of the geography of the country that you have discovered.

This Country Inventory paper will assist you in integrating your study of the various aspects of geography through the study of the country of your choice.

Your research paper should:

  • Consist of at least 2,000 words.
  • Use at least 6 references, with a list of them included with your paper.
  • Paraphrase or use a quotation, citation, and reference from your sources.
  • Use APA format.