What is the most convincing part of your classmate’s post? Why?

Wright mentions Dave under the impression that owning a gun makes him a man. Dave’s mother warned him “having a gun is trouble defining his mother he suffers the consequence of being in debt to Mr. Hawkin 50 dollars for the dead mule (Jenny) and 2 dollars for the gun” (Wright,1939/2017, p.1066). Wright writes about how later that night “Dave dug up the gun and fired multiple shots out of frustration. contemplated on shooting at Hawkin to scare him instead he hopes on train escaping from his master (Wright,1939/2017, p.1067). Dave learns that the burden of the gun comes with great responsibility when wielding it. He realized shotting at Mr. Hawkin would cause more trouble and decided to start new life and thinks twice about his actions. Dave is limited to society because he is a man of color during slavery era. 
Jacob envies her lover’s free for she is cursed with slavery and not safe from master. She is forbidden to marry her first love, constantly abused by Norcom’s; a jealous wife and harassed by the doctor who wants her all for himself to conquer. As revenge Jacob’s gave birth to two children with an unmarried lawyer (Sawyer) whom she became friends with, and he has taken an interest and pitied her. Jacob’s hides for 7 years, escapes to the North, and gain her freedom. Jacob was limited to society because she was born into slavery and a victim of sexual abuse. Forbidden to see her first love the doctor would beat her as she defies him. She had fallen into despair. She overcame society by hiding in a crawl space at her maternal grandmother, then starts a new life in the North and is gains her emancipation (Jacob,1961/2017, p.878). She shares her experience to earn respect and assist freed slaves with Quakers (Jacob. 1861/2017, p.879) 
Respond to a classmate. Do you agree with your classmate’s perspective? Why or why not? Be specific. What is the most convincing part of your classmate’s post? Why?