What examples of strength and resilience are, or have been, evident within members of this group?


This week you will research and write a 2-3 page paper in APA format about the history of your selected population. Include citations and references including NASW’s Code of Ethics. Use the select questions below, to guide you:

  • How has this group been treated historically in our culture? What is the history (e.g., laws, experiences, etc.) related to this type of treatment or discrimination? What assumptions, beliefs, or attributions appear to drive this treatment or discrimination of this group?
  • What are examples of specific oppressive or discriminatory practices that this group has encountered as they interact with various institutions? You may include social, economic, educational, faith, and health care institutions in your discussion, as well as any other institutions of relevance.
  • What examples of strength and resilience are, or have been, evident within members of this group?
  • Discuss how NASW’s Code of Ethics applies to working with this population.

Remember, when writing your papers please adhere to the following expectations:

  • Organization – Five sentence paragraph with an introduction, three supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence. Think about this same organization for your whole paper: five paragraphs in this paper, one paragraph as an introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and then your conclusion paragraph. (Please note: This format is only a suggestion, you may need more paragraphs to reach the expected length of each paper).
  • Don’t rely too heavily on quotes. Take several articles and point to them in a unique way. We want your thinking supported by research. An example of this is to remember to paraphrase the work that you are researching and make it your words but still cite the source. We want to see more of your words and fewer quotes. When using the TurnItIn program the similarity should be 20% or less.
Your Tasks:
  1. Include an APA format title page.
  2. Your writing should be 2-3 pages long and should be APA formatted, making sure you use in-text citations for your references. You will be graded on content and APA formatting.
  3. Submit an APA formatted reference page including a minimum of five (5) scholarly articles, your textbook, and NASW’s Code of Ethics.