Write a post that focuses on how your own workplace ethics are similar/different to Christianity’s  approach.

Using the articles provided that focus on workplace ethics, Write a post that focuses on how your own workplace ethics are similar/different to Christianity’s  approach. Remember to be specific, use the articles, as well as examples from your real-life experiences. 


Week 2 Discussion: Christianity and Workplace Ethics

“Christianity workplace ethics are inclusive to all walks of life and evolve with up and coming topics as generation evolve. Christians are very tolerable of most behavior however they stick closely to the influence of the Ten Commandments in the workplace. The framework suggests “management should create an environment conductive for harmonious relationship” (Ali et al., 2000). The give and take environment creates a natural respect in the workforce. As tone, moral and success come from the top down “management should be the model that inspires employees to achieve perfection in their work” (Ali et al., 2000). This type of framework partially compares to my current workplace ethics. They provide a lot of ethical training and really invest in a compassionate and professional environment however the communication has been lost in the upper management and it seems as though the evolution of the company translates to dollars, insurance, patients and cooperate demands rather than the equality, appreciation and further development of their company. The corporate policies and procedures have drifted away from the basic ethics that we all possess. Regardless of where an individual is on the totem pole I feel that is should always be a two way street to maintain a loyal relationship, trust and honesty between workplace staff.”

“Ali, A. J., Gibbs, M., & Camp, R. C. (2000, June 1). Human resource strategy: the Ten Commandments perspective. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/01443330010789205/full/html.”


Please use this corporation – employer as your workplace. 

Community-Based program type. In city of Los Angeles.