Identify four countries where you find glaciers. 

For this last post, let’s do some exploration using the Goode’s World Atlas. 

1. Go to the legend, on page 1, and note the image used for glaciers.  

2.  Identify four countries where you find glaciers.  To do this you will need to flip through the atlas to find the image. Note the countries and the atlas page where these glaciers are found.  You will only find these in North America, South America, Europe and Asia (please do not refer to Antarctica).  You will receive 0 points if you simply list the locations noted from the text. 

3.  What do these countries and glacial locations have in common?  Why do you find them in these locations? You need to re-think climates, weather, and the chapter covering glaciation. 

4. What erosional and depositional features do you expect to find in these regions?  Explain how these features form (do not quote the text, but explain in your own words as you are demonstrating your comprehension of the text).  This section should be 300 + words in length.

Extra Credit:  upload a picture of an erosional feature and a depositional feature for glaciation in the countries you identify, be sure to identify the term for the feature and describe how it is created by a glacier for full credit (up to 10 points).