Are there any costs in regard to how humans and the environment interact? Why or why not?

For your initial post in the discussion topic, view the Beijing Blanketed in Toxic Smog for a Week in 2014 video (LINK BELOW) and complete the following:


1. Are there any costs in regard to how humans and the environment interact? Why or why not?

2. Find a picture or article on the internet that supports your perspective and include it with your post.

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Response #1 (Rohan Sharma)

OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are the agencies in the United States for the protection of the health of the community on the workplace. Both of these Agencies or other agencies of the same cadre according to the rules and regulations as well as they passed all the laws which have been implemented from last 20 to 30 years for the assurance of cleanliness of the air. These population safety measures have been implemented in Europe by above-mentioned similar actions.

In the last few decades, China is rising as a superpower and taking command of the economy of the globe with industrial growth and dramatic speeds within the nation. Perversely, the price of the surrounding environment and human health have been paid for this dramatic growth. Approximately 250 years ago the United States and Europe experienced the same growing pain as the child is suffering with at present with the massive population for the undergoing of rapid growth and industrial as well as economic revolution. Carelessness and lake of regularity authority for the environmental control and protection department, China is experiencing carbon dioxide emission.

In my view, it is possible that the humans and the environment interact. Nowadays human healthcare the impact of fossil fuel burning and Biomass. Smog is also harming the breathing and human who are suffering with it have some respiratory problems to the chronicle conditions for instance asthma. Not only humans are suffering from the pollutants, but crops and livestock are also affecting by this pollution which ends up by the human consumption. Old age people, children and other persons who are already suffering from any disease are more sensitive to these adverse health risks which turned them to severe sickness or death. World Health Organization reported that Biomass usage as a fuel is the cause of death of approximately 420,000 people in the ruler areas. Nearly 300,000 people are dying because of this pollution in the urban areas. Smog is also hazardous and has a higher risk of health for the humans which degree gets the infrastructure such as roads, buildings, and bridges from acid rain.