identify and justify the global health priority you will focus on a detailed discussion of your proposed intervention

Imagine that you are submitting an application for $100 million dollars to address a specific global health issue. The grant application requires that you outline your global health philosophy;identify and justify the global health priority you will focus on a detailed discussion of your proposed intervention; and a discussion on metrics and evaluation. You must also outline how you will spend the $100 million dollars on each of these aspects with a justification of how that money will benefit the program.

For each section, make sure to provide at least two unique citations to justify your arguments and proposal. These citations may be from class or external sources. Please make sure to properly cite all of your sources both in-text (identifying any direct quotations or sources of the information) as well as in a bibliography at the end. The final bibliography should be cited in APA format. If you have questions about the APA format please consult

Please use this template to provide your responses as the rubric is based on this format and allows us to find the information in the appropriate sections.

Global Health Philosophy:

This section should outline your fundamental idea of what global health should address, why, and how. What ethical principles guide your strategies for intervention? Do you focus on human rights? On maximizing overall impact? On cost-effectiveness? What topics do you think are the most important? What populations deserve the most attention?

(approximately 200-300 words)

Global Health Priority:

This section should address the central questions of ‘who, what, when, where, and why.’ Since you are making a proposal for a specific intervention, you need to identify a specific condition or issue in a place that you can provide an intervention. General topics (like world hunger) are important topics, but may be difficult to address in a single intervention program. Hunger and food insecurity in a particular region of Guatemala may be easier to describe and address.

As you describe your global health priority, please also make sure to state why this is the most important issue (out of all the possible topics you could address).

(approximately 200-400 words)


This section should address what specific actions you are proposing to undertake as well as how they will be implemented. For each action, make sure to not only state what you will do (e.g. education campaign in schools), but also how that intervention will address your priority and why it is important. Does it address issues of lack of access? Does it focus on prevention? Does it address social determinants of the condition? How much money do you invest in each component (e.g. all $100 million in education? A split between prevention and access to medication?)

Also, make sure to address the potential cultural factors do you need to consider in your interventions, such as gender norms, religion, or existing health-related beliefs and practices.

Additionally, you must address how your interventions will interact with other global health or community actors. Do you propose to do this program by yourself? Do you collaborate with global health organizations, bilateral government programs, national agencies, or non-state actors? How do you engage with the communities where the program will operate?

(approximately 400-600 words)


How do you know if your program is successful? What specific metrics will you use to determine the success (or failure) of your different programs? How long will your programs run, and what is your obligation to the communities after the program ends?

(approximately 200-300 words)