What is Racial Segregation( RS) and how to measure it?

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Assignment-5 Exam-2 Read the chapter-9 What is Race and Ethnicity? What is Racial Segregation( RS) and how to measure it? Causes of RS? What is Racialization?

Understanding Segregation and Measuring it

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/05/11/n yregion/segregation-in-new-york-city-public-


Race and ethnicity(1) Is a combination of physical attributes in a population. Differences in skin color, eye color and hair color are variations within the human race and not between races. Adaptations to different environment

Race and Ethnicity(2) RACE: It refers to large portion of humanity unified by common physical and genetic traits. Common history/culture African-American, White, Asian Ethnicity:

Smaller groups of people classed according to cultural, national, tribal, religious or linguistic background

Does Segregation Exists??