What is the latitude and longitude of the property with the highest and lowest price?

There are Four Different Versions of this Exam

Even though this is a take home exam – you are not permitted to work together.

If we find evidence of cheating/working together you will receive a zero for the exam.


We will have a ‘drop-in’ during class time on Thursday the 25th. We won’t give you answers but we can guide you in the right direction.

Along with this file you should have access to 2 excel files – one will be used for Part I the other for Part II

Good luck!


1. Calculate a Frequency Table based on the “room_type” variable. ( 4 points)

Room TypeShared Room1
Private Room2
Entire Home/Apt3

2. Make a histogram using the frequency table above – snip and paste it below. Make sure that your histogram looks aesthetically pleasing and only communicates relevant information about Room Type. (4 points)

3. For the “Price” variable what percentage of listings cost more than 100 dollars to rent? (3 points)

4. What is the latitude and longitude of the property with the highest and lowest price? You should have 2 sets of coordinates for this question. (3 points)

5. How many total Air BnB listings are there in this data set? (3 points)

6. Now summarize each room type and calculate the mean and standard deviation for the number of reviews variable. (5 points)

Room TypeAverage for each room type category for number of reviewsStandard Deviation for each roomtype category for number of reviews
 Shared Room(1)  
 Private Room(2)  
 Entire Home/Apt(3)  

7. In your own words summarize/describe the relationship you observe between room type and number of reviews (3 points)

8. Who is the host with the most listings? (3 points)

Part II – Mapping with Copypastemap.com (9 points)

Use the ‘MAPTHESEDATA’ Excel Files included with the exam to create a map from this Website


Answer the following questions based on the map you create:

9. What part of the city are most Air BnB properties located in? (North, South, East, West, Central)? (3 points)

10. Take a Snip (or command + control + 4 on Mac) of the map you created. Paste it below this question. (4 points)

11. When we created a similar map in Lab 6 we had a legend category (Something appeared/popped up when the user clicked on one of the points). If you could add a popup to each point (Something that would appear about each property when the user clicked on it) what variable from our Air BnB data set would you include? Explain why this information would be useful to include on a map. (2 points)

Part III – Social Explorer (20 points)

12. Instruction for Social Explorer:

Create four maps in Social Explorer based on the area you conducted Air BnB analysis on. Tell a story about these maps and explain how you used principles of visual hierarchy to create them.

a) Create the following maps. You are trying to locate new folks to rent/host properties on Air BnB.

Please use 2017 data.

Areas in Your City Where 50 percent of folks have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Area in your City that have over 40 percent owner occupied housing

Areas where income is greater than 50,000 dollars

Areas where the age variable is less than 45

Use color, cut points, and classification methods to create maps that highlight the areas that meet the criteria above in your city. Each map should have an appropriate title as well.

b) Tell a 1-2 page long story analyzing your maps. Based on your maps, which