How did Mary Shelley try to deal with the guilt of allowing Percy to leave the night of his death?

As you watch the video, answer the following questions. Become familiar with them before beginning so you’ll know which facts are most important to listen for.

1. At the beginning of the 19th century what branch of scientific study was at the cutting edge?

2. People began to believe that what two things could bring the dead back to life?

3. Mary Shelley’s father, William Godwin, believed that man was _____________________________.

4. Mary’s mother was the founder of ______________________________.

5. Mary’s Shelley’s mother died when Mary was how old?

6. Percy Shelley met Mary in Mary’s father’s bookstore in England when Mary was how old?

7. Why was Percy and Mary’s sexual relationship kept secret?

8. Who forbid the relationship?

9. Percy was an advocate of and willing to pursue what kind of “love?”

10. Mary learned of some radical scientists during her travels with Percy Shelley. To what word that meant “to give life” was she introduced?

11. Dissection of humans was illegal (except for the bodies of hanged criminals), so scientists resorted to doing what to obtain bodies to study?

12. Mary lost a baby when she was 17. What dream did she have of this child?

13. Mary’s stepsister and rival for Percy left their company angrily to pursue what “bad boy” poet and adventure?

14. Lord Byron, at his villa on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, on a stormy night challenged his guests, including Mary Shelley to write their best what?

15. In Frankenstein, Shelley first describes Victor Frankenstein’s creation as a __________________ rather than a monster to illustrate his innocence as a new born child.

16. Mary was how old when she wrote Frankenstein?

17. According to the documentary, the monster in Frankenstein is Mary’s ____________ made flesh.

18. Mary and Percy, despite their allegiance to “free love” finally got ________________________.

19. The documentary reveals that the creature makes a demand on Victor Frankenstein. What did he want?

20. Percy wrote of “losing” his wife after she had changed so much because of the grief caused by what?

21. Mary’s fourth child, _________________, was the only one of her children that survived into adulthood.

22. How did Percy Shelley die?

23. How was his body identified?

24. How did Mary Shelley try to deal with the guilt of allowing Percy to leave the night of his death?

25. Mary Shelley died at what age?