Does ghostwriting confidentiality strip them of the rights of reselling the papers?

Today, almost two-thirds of college scholars use essay writing services for their university papers. This is understandable as a result of the numerous tasks on the shoulders of every student in college. Custom writing services prove to be the easiest, accessible, and reliable means of getting research papers done on time. Sadly, a lot of undergraduates still fall victims to inexperienced and quack writers online. How do you choose the best? Let’s show you how!

Avoid Ridiculously Cheap Services

To be guaranteed a high-quality and well-researched college paper, refrain from patronizing cheap writing services. Platforms that claim to deliver custom essay writing within a few hours end up submitting shabby jobs to students. It’d be wise to set aside a budget then check College-Paper reviews for reliable essay writing platforms. You have a higher chance of getting a plagiarism report by seeking help from cheap college paper service providers. 

Watch Out For Creative Professionals 

University students often have to write a series of essays to scale through college. This is why subscribing to a platform of creative professional writers is your best shot before hiring. You’d need skilled writers with various writing styles to increase the uniqueness of your paper. Students lose points when writers use an argumentative tone when working on expository essays. From customer reviews, you can be guaranteed of the diversity a service provider claims.

Ensure There’s An Open Line of Communication 

Before committing or hiring a custom essay writer or agency, ensure they have an accessible line of communication. Lecturers and professors sometimes update the contents of their research papers. You want to be sure your writer is always reachable to pass across valid information and updates. It’d be best to go for platforms with instant messaging and live chats for immediate response and implementation of your updates. 

24/7 Customer Service

Sometimes, many college students find it difficult to get across to their online writing services because of the difference in time zones. Before choosing any platform, ensure they have 24/7 customer service to reply to your questions, requests, and complaints. Working with a 24/7 customer service provider also helps you track the progress of your college paper. A good writing service always ensures their students have easy access to them at all times.

Free Revisions!

Before hiring a custom essay writing service, be sure there aren’t hidden charges on revisions. Unknown to most undergrads, many providers assign extra charges to revisions on academic projects and essays. You’d agree that revisions on college papers are almost inevitable and come at intervals. Undergraduates save themselves the burden and cost of paying extra for revisions by making inquiries about the revision before hiring. 

Read Through Their Service Guarantee

Writing service guarantee is a section that states the value-added services of online essay writing websites. Ensure you read carefully through the customer reviews to be certain they offer the services as claimed. Is their on-time delivery guarantee valid? Are their writing services implemented with up-to-date sources and references? Does ghostwriting confidentiality strip them of the rights of reselling the papers? Be sure that there’s proof on their reviews of these guarantees before hiring their services. 

Get A Plagiarism Report

As explained earlier, your chances of incurring plagiarism with cheap writing services are extremely high. Regardless, before choosing your writer, ensure you get a guarantee of the plagiarism report. The plagiarism report is a preview of a plagiarism check of a research paper against copied content online. Request that the company or individual sends you a softcopy of the originality status of the paper. This isn’t difficult to get using plagiarism detection software. 


Students seek professional help when writing their college or research papers in the university. However, knowing how to choose the best and reliable provider might be challenging, especially for scholars in their early years. With these tips, you should screen through a wide range of options for the most qualified professionals.