How will Brexit affect banking?

The Consequences of Brexit on (your topic)

Your extra credit writing assignment is to write a short analysis paper on the impact of Brexit on some

economic or social issue in the United Kingdom or the Post-Brexit European Union. London is one of the financial

capitals in the world. How will Brexit affect banking? Will international banks who conduct business in the

European Union want to retain regional operations in London or will the banks decide that Amsterdam, Paris of

Brussels is a more suitable location? The same goes for finance, stock brokerages and currency exchanges. These

are multi-billion and trillion dollar industries. Another aspect is the brokers and trade specialists who are employed

in these businesses. Will there be labor flight to other countries? Other issues to consider are manufacturing and

assembly operations. Will they stay or will they go? Service businesses may also be affected. Will tourism be

affected if there are extra hoops to jump through to cross the channel?

Select your topic and find at least three sources to support your analysis. Cite your sources in the text

where appropriate. Your paper should be 1,000 words in length and formatted in the following manner:

 Cover sheet – NO

 Folder or binder – NO

 Stapled – upper left hand corner

 Paper color – white

 Ink color – black

 Margins – 1” all sides

 Font – Times New Roman

 Font size – 10 point

 Line spacing – double

 Paragraph indent – 0.5 inches

 Running header left – your name

 Running header center – paper title

 Running header right – date

 Page numbers – centered at bottom

 Word count – enter at end of document

 Bibliography – YES

Begin your paper at the top of the first page. Submit your paper in Microsoft Word in the Dropbox on

Beachboard by Noon (12:00 P.M.) on Wednesday, May 16 and bring a printed copy to class for the final exam at

5:00 P.M. This is the final deadline! Late papers will not be accepted after the final exam. This assignment is

worth 20 points.

You may repeat this exercise for a second topic and submit it by the due date. Maximum extra credit is 40

points. You must contact me by email if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have any

questions please ask me sooner rather than later. The last week of the semester is always very busy!