Is China the world’s factory?

GEOG332- Term Paper/Presentation

As part of the course requirement, each of you will write a paper on an appropriate topic

related to China. You may choose a topic from the issues we have discussed this

semester but other topics are fine too as long as they are about some aspects of China’s

culture, history, economy, society, and environment. Below are some examples:

 China’s population control policy and practices

 Population aging and the challenges it poses to China

 Rural labor migration

 Rapid urbanization

 The Chinese model of industrialization

 Is China the world’s factory?

 Inequality in China

 Environmental degradation in China

 Automobile industry in China

 Consumerism in China

 How is the social media changing China?

 Can China feed itself?

Points to keep in mind:

 This is meant to be a research paper so it is necessary for you to do some research (e.g., reading references or news reports, doing data analysis or even interviews). For

those of you who have visited or lived in China, you may use your

observations/experiences too.

 Your paper should be typed with standard format (double-spaced, 11-12 point font size, 1 inch margin, etc.). It should be at least 8 pages long.

 Feel free to use pictures/maps or other graphics, but they should not be used to meet the page requirement.

 Your paper should have a title page. Sources of information (references) should be properly cited in the body of your paper wherever appropriate (e.g., (Smith, 2010)),

and please include complete citations of your references at the end of your paper. You

may follow either the Chicago style or the APA style for citations. Both the cover

page and the references do not count toward the minimum page requirement.

 Please plan on making a 15-20 minute presentation of your paper. Powerpoint presentations are preferred though not required. It is a useful experience for you to

present something to the class and for others to learn from what you have done. I

have schedule three class sessions (April 26, May 1 and 3) for your presentations.

 I will circulate a sign-up sheet for oral presentations later this month.

 The term paper itself is due on May 7.