Is there political, social, or economic factors contributing to the phenomenon?

For this project, you, the researcher, will select a topic of your choice (which is related to geography). A 2 page single spaced paper will be written over this topic. Extra is okay…under is not! (The page count does not include any graphics/figures you may add.)

As the concept of PLACE is a main theme in geography, an emphasis on place will be a vital aspect of this project.

Instructions :

1) Select a topic from the suggested ideas page or come up with a topic on your own (if you choose this route please confirm your topic with me before beginning your research.

2) Once your topic is selected make sure to address at least three of the following questions:

a) Why does place matter?

b) How would this phenomenon be different if located somewhere else?

c) How is culture of the area affected?

d) Is there political, social, or economic factors contributing to the phenomenon?

e) Has this been affected by or influenced globalization?

f) Has it changed over time?

3) After addressing at least 3 of the above questions, dedicate 1 paragraph on your perceptions and understandings (what is your take away). In this paragraph you may use “I”.

4) Be sure to introduce your paper: state goals, objective, theme or paper, perhaps why it is of interest (thesis statement). Make sure to have body paragraphs and a solid conclusion.

5) Include at least one figure, image, or table

Format /Style /Organization

· Include a title page (Title, Name, Section, and Date)

· Include page numbers

· Please use Times New Roman or Calibri Font (Size 12, Single Spaced)

· Use 5 sources, 1 May be from your Textbook, others should be from journal articles. Avoid generic websites.

Things to remember

· Always be culturally sensitive!

· Do not use absolute words unless it is true 100% of the time everywhere.

· Use formal language (University level writing)

· You can use first person but only in your perceptions