What hazards/challenges is the city facing in the present/near future? 

City: RIYADH (SAUDI ARABIA) Maximum 4 pages. Good resources needed. Answer each question fully with examples, pictures and facts.  

1.     The city profile 

a.     Where is the city located? (a bit of geography!)

b.     how many people live there?

c.     highlight of the major social, cultural and economic aspects. What is the city famous for? Basically, list 2-3 points.

2.     What is in the city past? a brief timeline including when and how it came into existence, some important dates. 

3.     The general geology of the city.  Where does it sit with respect to plate boundaries, what are the major rock types? 

4.     What are natural resources?

5.     Focus on major natural events/disasters that have impacted the development of your city of choice. Describe the occurrence and the impact at the time and the everlasting effects.

6.     What hazards/challenges is the city facing in the present/near future? 

7.      What are the risks and what is being done or should be done to mitigate the risk?

a.     Are there sustainable choices for the specific challenges? (one example)

8.     What resources did you use to prepare your presentation? (books? Website? Personal materials (images, etc).

Due within 32 hours from now 

do your best please