Define globalization.

Below are two essay questions for Part B your final exam.  Answer both questions. An essay answer is not a short answer of several sentences. It is not a list. It should be a discussion in paragraph form. Answer all parts of the questions. I expect at least two pages in total, double spaced.

  1. Globalization is a controversial topic with some people seeing globalization as a positive process; others are critics and see the negative aspects of globalization. In your answer use examples to support your ideas. There are several parts to this question, answer all parts:
    1. Define globalization.
    2. Discuss (not list) and explain the positive aspects as discussed by those who are proponents of globalization.
    3. Discuss (not list) and explain the negative aspects as discussed by those who are opponents of globalization.
    4. What position do you have concerning globalization and why?
    5. Provide several examples of how globalization has affected you. Explain and discuss. Not a list.
  1. Compare and contrast subsistence versus commercial agriculture. In other words describe each type and how are they alike or different. Provide examples of each. What country would you find subsistence and what country would you find commercial?