Explain the decisions you made in regard to cartography.

The objective of this section is to demonstrate an understanding of the cartographic process by creating a digital map from start to finish.  You are allowed to use whichever tools or software you prefer to create the map and/or data. A few caveats:

(1)   You are not allowed to re-create a map you made earlier in the semester.

(2)   You are not allowed to create a story map.

(3) You must change the default style (e.g. basemap, feature color) settings.

(4) You are not allowed to use the integrated datasets within CARTO, if you use CARTO.

If you decide to create a standard digital map, include it as a separate attachment. If you create a webmap, include a link to your map below, immediately before the written response.

The written response should be approximately 500 words in length and address the following:

1.      How did you conceptualize the idea for the map? What was the inspiration?

2.      Explain the decisions you made in regard to data. How did you source the data? Did you process the data before adding it to the map? If so, how and why?

3.      Explain the decisions you made in regard to cartography. For example: the type of map, color choices, feature size, classification scheme, marginal elements, etc.