How are humans using these features (fishing, tourism, wildlife etc)?

All sources MUST be cited in the body of your paper (see “In-Text Citations” below) AND listed in a bibliography, otherwise you will receive a score of ZERO for the paper and potentially an F for the entire course!

Copying and pasting over 20% of your paper from another source, without providing citations, is an automatic F.

The 4 parts of the course paper:

Part 1: Lithosphere

– For each country, what is one major geologic feature (can include mountains, desert, plains, coast, etc)?

– Briefly describe these features, how they came to look like how they do today.

– How are humans using these features (tourism, nature reserve, sacred lands, extracting resources, etc)?

– Does human use of these features create concern for the future of these features, or the wildlife found on them? If so, explain how.

– Print pictures of the geologic features, or maps showing where these features are located, and attach them to the back of the paper.

Part 2: Atmosphere

– For each country, describe the year-round climate found in the majority of the country (climate maps will help with this). If there is a wide variety of climate types in one country, just pick one city and describe its climate. Be sure to include information about temperature, precipitation, and seasonal changes in both, such as the extremes of the temperature and precipitation differences.

– Has climate change already impacted these nations (whether the people or the natural environment)? How so?

– What is one major concern for each country in the future related to climate change? What is being done about it?

Part 3: Hydrosphere

– What is one major body of water found within, or adjacent to, each of your assigned nations? Describe them, and give a brief description of where they are found.

– How are humans using these features (fishing, tourism, wildlife etc)?

– Does human use of these features create concern for the future of these features or the living organisms found within them? If so, explain how.

Part 4: Biosphere / Environmental Sustainability Challenges:

-What are 2 environmental sustainability issues (deforestation, urbanization, poaching, etc.) in each of your nations, aside from climate change itself? This can also involve environmental problems humans face, such as pollution or water scarcity.

– Why do these problems exist?

– Sustainable development involves balancing the environment, the economy, and society to achieve the best long-term benefits for all. What type of sustainable development programs/efforts exist to improve your nations’ environmental problems? Your answer can include actions being taken by either your assigned nations or other nations providing assistance.