In a detailed essay, discuss each aspect of these global transformations.

  • The period between the late-eighteenth and late-twentieth centuries saw major changes to colonial systems around the world. During that period, colonialism evolved in a variety of ways, targeted new parts of the world, and adapted to revolutionary shifts in the global economy. Formal colonialism ultimately gave way to neo-colonialism. In a detailed essay, discuss each aspect of these global transformations.

Your essay should include/make use of all of the following terms: Monroe Doctrine, Spanish American War, Teller and Platt Amendments, Cotton, Industrial Revolution, Industrial Mercantilism, James Watt, Thomas Fowell Buxton, Domestic Saturation, Capitalism, Atlantic Charter, Negitude, Franz Fanon, Gandhi, Neocolonialism, Fidel Castro, Mobutu, Bretton Woods Accords, Syria 

You are not limited to the above names/terms in responding to the prompt and the list above is not in any particular order.

Please be sure to use bold font or underline each term the first time it appears in your essay.

Essays should be at least 1,000 words. Use black 12-point font. Double-space. Citations are not required. I encourage you to review and make use of the lectures I uploaded (and the notes you took on them). While you are not required to incorporate weekly readings, you can reference them if you think it strengthens your essay. 

It is crucial to make use of all the terms listed above in bold in a cohesive essay format, and not simply list the terms above.