Which aspects of African geography do your issue include (physical, social, political, population, medical, etc.)?

State the title and side of the issue that you have been assigned. Outline the argument used for this issue.  What information did you find that has been written about this issue? research and cite 4 additional references on this issue and summarize information

 You will introduce your issue, consider it in context and provide your opinions based on research. Please demonstrate rational, reflective thought and logical arguments.

· Which aspects of African geography do your issue include (physical, social, political, population, medical, etc.)?

· What are the current conditions surrounding this issue?

· Who and what are involved in this issue: individuals, groups, officials, governments, companies, agencies, organizations? 

· List a term or concept that you did not previously know.

· How has your issue affected development on the continent of Africa and beyond? Development can be defined as the process in which the principal objective is to improve the quality of people’s lives.

· What practical applications does this issue have in other parts of the world?

· What is the impact of this issue on the future? What potential for further research is there on this issue?

· Do your findings compare or refute your personal opinions? Make informed editorial comments about why your opinions are similar of dissimilar to the side assigned.

· What particular question does this issue raise in your mind? Please be provocative, but appropriate. This question will provide a prompt for your peers’ discussion.

· Summarize your evaluation and analysis by listing the major points. What conclusion can you make about the issue assigned and the arguments for the side?

· APA format for both  in-text citation and references  is required

· Your report should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins. Your report should be a minimum 2,000 original words excluding the references page. Quotations taken from materials must be correctly cited in and should not be included in the count of “original” words. Include the word count at the end of your report before the References Page.