Based on the photographs, what were the ghettos like?

Use the links above to view photographs of some of the ghettos.Based on the photographs, what were the ghettos like? What was life like within the ghettos? Write at least two paragraphs in answering the questions.How are the ghettos different from or similar to how you imagined them to be? Write at least one paragraph.Choose one image that you think best illustrates life in the ghettos. Describe the image. Why do you think it best shows what life was like in the ghettos?A Holocaust Survivor, Spared from Gas Chamber By Twist of FateWhat happened to Jack Mandelbaum in Poland in 1939? How old was Jack?What happened to Jack’s father?When were Jack and the rest of the family rounded up by the SS?Why was Jack separated from the rest of his family? What happened to the rest of his family?What ultimately happened to Jack?Why is it important for Jack to share his story?