Origins of Religion or The Buddha

The idea of a ‘Blog’ in this class is to make a striking claim to challenge common assumptions about religion. Think creatively along these lines: 1) What is a common assumption your friends have of religion based on the topic; and 2) respond to that common assumption with what you have learned in the course by ‘Bushwhacking’ or clearing the misconceptions about the topic.There are three blogs required for this course. There are three groups: the first Blog is on Origins of Religion or The Buddha; the second Blog is on Christianity; and the third Blog is on Islam. Blogs must be between 600-1200 words. Each Blog is worth 100 points. All blogs must cite at least one source and offer a works cited for full credit. Blogs should be written in Times New Romans, 12 point font, have justified margins, and be double spaced.Please upload a pdf, doc, or docx file. Please note that I cannot accept or .pages.Group C: Choose 1Often Mohammad gets a bad rap in the United States. Sadly, it is in many cases based on ignorance of Islam, the life of Mohammad, and the formation of the Quran. To counter this, describe Mohammad’s life and how it is intimately tied to the creation and interpretation of the Quran.Often when we in the United States hear of Sharia Law, many negative things come to mind. To counter this, describe the sources of Sharia law, and the differences within Sharia law in where it is practiced today.