300 Words – APA- Discussion Board – Due in 48 Hours

Talent acquisition and recruiting has changed over the last decade with new technology, online postings, phone applications, use of social media, etc. Some organizations spend more resources on recruiting new employees rather than retaining and developing current employees.

This week’s case study about GE’s Succession Planning focuses on attracting, hiring, and retaining strong organizational employees. Specifically, the case discusses how organizations can use mentoring and succession planning to ensure talent retention.

For this week’s discussion propose three strategies that could improve an organization’s employee talent acquisition process, thereby leading to a stronger workplace.

***********************Answer the above using the question and answer (Q&A) format.  The Q&A format should include the original question along with your response. Within your post, support your responses with information from at least one peer-reviewed/scholarly source (not older than 3-5 years) from  CSU Global online library or the Internet, and provide the full citation at the end of your post. Use APA guidelines (at the CSU Global Writing Center )  to format your references. Your total word count must be at least 300 words excluding the original questions.****************************