pay systems and type of performance evaluation

Write a page and include references in APA format including in-text citation.

The methods of employee compensation vary greatly by the industry, organization, and culture. Organizations are free to choose from a wide variety of pay models that may best fit their overall needs.

Considering this distinguish between the various pay models that companies use in compensating employees.

· Which pay system would work best in your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar or have researched)?

· Explain and support your decisions.

Then employers seek to motivate their employees to perform at their best and to seek the best outcomes for the company. Employees are evaluated on their ability to meet the expectations of a job role and to give them feedback on potential areas of improvement.

In designing a performance appraisal system, there are a number of evaluation methods that can be used. Select a position within your company and describe the type of performance evaluation you would use to assess this role.