week 7 final project


Part 4: Develop a Training or Intervention Strategy to Address the Needs

Creating a developmental strategy is the objective of the investigative segment of the project. The strategy may include the following.

  1. Training Sessions
    1. Traditional classroom
    2. Simulations
    3. Self-managed strategies
    4. Opportunity to perform
  2. Career management systems
    1. Self-assessment programs
    2. Mentoring systems
    3. Action planning
  3. Organizational development intervention activities
    1. Team building
    2. Intergroup activities
    3. Survey feedback activities
    4. Education and training activities
    5. Structural activities
    6. Process consultation
    7. Blake-Mouton grid activities
    8. Third-party peacemaking
    9. Coaching and counseling
    10. Career planning
    11. Goal setting
  4. System redesign
    1. Search conferences
    2. Confrontation meetings
    3. Strategic planning meetings

Part 5: Determine the Training or Intervention Cost and Quantify Expected Results

The fifth section of the Course Project is conducting a cost-benefit analysis. Training costs must be evaluated against anticipated results. This will only be palatable if, in the initial assessment, specific behaviors and processes and their impacts on the performance of the organization were determined. If so, conducting this final analytical segment should be possible.

Part 6: Develop a Method of Training Evaluation

Once you have completed the training, how will you know whether it has been successful? There are a variety of ways to evaluate training and development programs. Clearly identify the specific outcomes you expect from the project. Then develop a method of evaluating the effectiveness of your project.

Submit your assignment.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information or check with your instructor.

Grading Criteria for Individual Course Project Final Paper (Week 7)

CategoryPoints%DescriptionBackground25 15.6%Acquaint the reader with the organization selected, why it was selected, and the specific division or department of interest. Fully discuss the corporate agenda, its business strategy, its environment, and its objectives. A professional overview of the organizational culture and values should be included in the analysis.Needs Assessment Design, Implementation, and Analysis40 25%Design a needs assessment that analyzes organizational objectives and goals and then examines the factors that affect reaching those goals. Your analysis should look at the organization, person, and task levels. Be sure you fully describe your methodologies, process, and results.Recommended Training Strategy and Design45 28.2%Outline your plan for developing a training model to meet the results of the needs assessment. It is important to recognize that training is not always the most cost effective solution to an organizational problem. Credit will be given for other creative and cost effective developmental modalities other than training. Professional justification is expected for the choices. Clearly outline the desired learning outcomes and include your specific recommended training methods. Fully address any learning environment and transfer-of-training issues.Cost-Benefit Analysis (ROI)25 15.6%Outline the cost of recommended training, the potential Return On Investment (ROI), and the expected results. A plan should be provided on how to justify the costs.Training Evaluation Plan25 15.6%Detail your methods for evaluating the effectiveness of the training after it has been completed. How will the organization know whether the training has been successful?Total Point Value160100%A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.Submission Week DueParts of Course ProjectName of ItemDescription of ItemWeek 1 (graded)1ProposalPart 1: Select an Organization to Be StudiedWeek 3 (graded)2Needs Assessment / Organization SurveyPart 2: Conduct a Needs Assessment using an Organization SurveyWeek 5 (graded)3PaperPart 3: Analyze the Data Collected and Identify Training NeedsWeek 7 (graded)4, 5, 6Final Submission

  • Part 4: Develop a Training or Intervention Strategy to Address the Needs
  • Part 5: Determine the Training or Intervention Cost and Quantify Expected Results
  • Part 6: Develop a Method of Training Evaluation