Case study 5

Contributing Factors: Strategies and Tactics

Outcomes and Impact

From Your Formative Research/Evaluation

How the program addresses the health issue/attempts to achieve outcome objectives (e.g. via community engagement, celebrity engagement, etc.)

What kinds of activities the program implemented (tactics)?  For example, workshops, PSAs, etc.

Short-term/intermediate /outcomes

Summative/Behavioral/Long-term outcomes

Using the Logic Model evaluation design above, choose a community health communication intervention to evaluate. The format of your paper should be in a narrative format, addressing each column of the Logic Model as you discuss the program, how well it addresses the health issue and its effectiveness. Your paper should be 1- 2 pages, double-spaced, and follow APA 7th edition format. More information can be found in Chapter 14.

You will include the primary NCHEC Area of Responsibility and Competencies you are addressing in this assignment as a separate paragraph. Discuss the areas you are practicing for this assignment and the specific competency(ies) you are utilizing. Discuss the importance of these competencies as it relates to the profession of public health.