Consumer Health Informatics


CHI is devoted to informatics from the perspectives of general consumers and patients. The focus is on empowering consumers and patients to manage their own health information through health information, PHR, and Internet-based tools and resources.


Using the South University Online Library, research CHI based on your readings and understanding, create a 5- to 6-page Microsoft Word report using at least five references that provides the answer to the following tasks.

  • Compare and contrast the goal and functionality of PHR and EHR.
  • Differentiate the role of other applications Social Networking, Home Telemedicine, and Smart Phone Technology in CHI from that of PHR.
  • Describe and explain the challenges Consumer Informatics face in regard to health literacy.
  • Critique the role of health professionals and healthcare organizations in CHI.
  • Construct three recommendations for future development of CHI.