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Evidence-based practice and research allow nurses to improve the nursing profession and improve patient outcomes. Once these improvements are made, they can be published in a professional journal or delivered at a nursing or health care conference. A professional journal that I would like to publish my article of improvement would be the American Journal of Nursing. “The American Journal of Nursing is the oldest and most honored broad-based nursing journal in the world. Peer-reviewed and evidence-based, it is considered the profession’s premier journal” (Powers, Dunlap, Cipriano, Fields & Kiser, n.d). With the nursing journal being around for so long, it’s important to understand the reliability. Because of its long-standing time of informing and educating nurses, I think that my change would be best if represented by the American Journal of Nursing. 

     One of the most recognized and popular nursing conferences is the Emergency Nurses Association Conference. The Emergency Nurses Association specialized in educating and informing emergency room nurses for a lifelong of learning. I would present my presentation/project proposal to the ENA, to spread the light on workplace violence. Workplace violence is a common problem in Emergency rooms all over the world. It is important that I am one voice that will fight for a change and to spread the knowledge around the world. The ENA thrives and believes in collaboration, mutual respect, integrity, lifelong learning, and honesty and through these values, I can work to create a change with these values in place.