N492 Assignment Mod 5:



Design a PowerPoint presentation for high school aged students discussing normative aging changes, sexuality, STDs, and prevention.  

  • Discuss      normal body changes that occur through puberty into young adulthood
  • Discuss      specific STDs, causes, symptoms, complications, and treatment:                  

                       **You should include a slide or two for each of the following:  Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, HIV, Syphillis, HPV

  • Discuss      pregnancy and prevention

The assignment should be submitted in PowerPoint format, with at least 10 content slides (in addition to a title slide and reference slide) and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials. NOTE that this power point will run a high turn it in plagiarism score and as long as it is below 40% TII score, it will be acceptable.