Nurs435 assignmweek1

List of Conflict Models

  • The Circle of Conflict model
  • The Triangle of Satisfaction model
  • The Boundary model
  • The Interests/Rights/Power model
  • The Dynamics of Trust model
  • The Dimensions of Conflict model
  • The Social Styles model

Week 1 Assignment: Library Research Activity 


For this activity, you will create a short, annotated bibliography (summary of articles) from the university library.

  • Using the school’s online library, conduct an advanced search on the seven conflict models listed above.
  • Narrow your search by selecting more than one field type (e.g., subject and keyword).
  • Select three scholarly and peer-reviewed articles and compose a paper with the following information:
    • APA Style in-text with corresponding reference list citations for each article.
    • A one- to two-paragraph narrative that summarizes the key details of each article.

For information on annotated bibliographies and APA Style, review Hacker and Sommers’ (2019) resource, A Pocket Style Manual: APA Version (available in VitalSource).


Hacker D. & Sommers, N. (2019). A pocket style manual: APA version. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins.