Case Study – Full APA and NO PLAGIARISM

PAPER and PowerPoint Presentation 

Requirements (Paper and PowerPoint Presentation)


  • Read the IIA Case Study (attached below) and Refer below mentioned links to complete the assignment.
  • Research a case study of professional sports and data analytics (MLB, NHL, NFL, Premier League).
  • Prepare a 5-6 pages paper written in APA format. 
  • Must Provide citations and references.

PPT Presentation

  • Prepare an 8 to 10 PPT slides presentation
    • Introduction of the issue
    • Analysis of the tools used
    • What the group would have done differently
    • Presentation of the final solution

Refer case study pdf document attached and below articles: 

Sports and Data Analytics Articles that must be used with the paper:

– Changing the Game: How Data Analytics Is Upending Baseball

– The Other ‘Moneyball’: Using Analytics to Sell Season Tickets

– Telling the Data Story Behind Video Gaming

– CHANGING THE GAME: The Rise of Sports Analytics

– How Data Analysis In Sports Is Changing The Game

– Why is Data Analytics So Important in Sports?

– How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing Sports

– Analytics in Sports – SAS

– The Emergence of Sport Analytics

– Beyond ‘Moneyball’: Rapidly evolving world of sports analytics, Part I

-Beyond “Moneyball”

-Data Management and Analytics ;