Chapter Readings Reflections Journal – Chapter 7,8 and 9

Need to prepare Chapter Readings Reflections Journal from chapter 7-9 in the attached text book.

The reflection papers should be a minimum of 6 pages (two full pages for each chapter), double-spaced, in proper APA formatting using citations when appropriate.   

Please find attachments contains Text book and referral document about the how the assignment should be.

Each Chapter Reading Reflection should address the following prompts:

  • Summarize the content of the chapter addressed.
  • What were some of the highlights in this chapter and learning opportunities?
  • Share some new ideas and/or thoughts that you developed from the reading of the chapter.
  • How do you think you can apply this chapter’s concepts into your home, school, personal-life or work environment?

Please make sure that you look at the example that is also attached!!