Computer Science Business Data and Communication Presentation

Explain and provide example when it is possible that will cover chapter 6 subjects:

•Network architecture components

•Traditional network design

•Building-block network design

–Needs analysis

–Technology design

–Cost assessment

Pick Two of Network Simulation Tools from the following, and Discuss, Present them on the class:

•[WANsim] WAN simulators and emulators

•[OPNET] OPNET Modeler,

•[NS2] NS2 official website,

•[NS2-wiki] NS2 resource webpage,

•[NS3] NS3 official website,

•[OMNeT] OMNeT++ official website,

•[REAL] REAL 5.0 simulator overview,

•[SSFNet] Scalable Simulation Framework (SSF), SSFNet homepage,

•[J-Sim] J-Sim homepage

•[QualNet] QualNet official site,•[YANS], Yet Another Network Simulator

•[GTNetS] The Ge orgia Tech Network Simulator (GTNetS)