Executive Summary

 You are a member of the IT team at Don & Associates, a financial  consulting company that provides services to small- and medium-sized  companies. Because the company is looking to expand into neighboring  states within the Northeast region, its leaders have tasked you  with determining if cloud computing is a viable solution to the need for  infrastructure.


you will be submitting a one- to two-page executive summary to the  owner of Don & Associates. It should briefly explain the major cloud  service providers, cloud computing service models, and the potential  benefits and risks of migrating Don & Associates’ technical  infrastructure to the cloud.

Use this executive summary template. In  the template, you will see specific instructions in the document.  Delete the instruction text before you submit your project.

Your summary should include: 

  • the types of cloud computing (private, public, hybrid)
  • three major cloud service providers
  • three cloud computing service models 
  • potential benefits and risks of migrating the company’s technical infrastructure to the cloud

Be sure to cite any sources you use.



Project Description

Include the name of the project here.

Statement of Need 

Explain what the company is struggling with and how the company could benefit from moving to the cloud.

Cloud Service Providers

Provide an overview of the top three cloud service providers. List the services offered and briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of each provider.

Recommended Plan

Provide your recommendation for a cloud service provider and justify your selection.

Impact of Recommended Plan 

Describe how your recommended plan will address the needs of the stakeholders. Briefly describe the potential risks of migration/potential drawbacks for the company.