Paper examine the influences and effects of computer networks on the world around us

In this assignment, you are to examine the influences and effects of computer networks on the world around us. You can pick almost any area: Social effects (how we talk or interact), Business (how we market, advertise, buy, and sell items), Criminal (how people try to break the law) or Legal (new laws which are needed because of computer networks), or another area. Please pick one area so that you can concentrate on it. If you can’t think of a topic – please let me know. 

Pick an article or topic that you can write 5-7 pages on (cover page or references pages DO NOT count). Summarize and describe what the situation before computer networks (you can go back as far as you’d like) and what it is like now (after or during the impact of computer networks). Describe any possible further effects that could still happen (or where you think the area will go or what would be really cool if it happened). THIS IS ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS, NOT JUST A LOT OF REFERENCES ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK. 

You are to hand in: the paper (of course) and any references that you use (URLs are preferred). If you cannot submit a URL, then a hard copy must be turned in. 

NOTE: Term paper rules apply. Quoted material must be footnoted. References are required, but there should only be a few – this is to be your own ideas. You will be graded on the level of detail that you get to in describing the background, the impact and future effects of networks on the subject that you pick. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, please contact me immediately. You don’t have to have any references, but you should have one or more which back up your history or current disposition of the area. Any questions, please ask!