Wk 3 – Apply: DDOS

Assignment Content

  1. Imagine you are on a specialized team tasked with exploring network vulnerabilities in your company. The CEO of the company has read about similar companies being subjected to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and is very concerned. 

    Research the definition of a DDOS attack and how it can be prevented. If it cannot be prevented, describe the steps that may be required to remediate the DDOS attack, along with the potential business impacts caused by a DDOS attack.  

    Prepare a 10- to 12-slide multimedia-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® boardroom presentation for the CEO. Include the following in your presentation:

    • Title slide
    • Definition of a DDOS attack
    • At least 2 methods (attack vectors) of DDOS attacks to include the threat agents’ (hackers) motivation for conducting a DDOS attack
    • Common prevention tools and/or processes to block a DDOS
    • Common detection tools to detect if a DDOS is occurring or has occurred.
    • Recommended methods for containing or eradicating the DDOS attack
    • Recommend methods for bringing the affected systems back online from a successful DDOS attack
    • Reference slide
    • Cite references to support your assignment.

      Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

      Presentation checklist:

    1. Use the bullets or key points in the instructions and create corresponding heading and sub headers. This way it will be obvious that you hit the key points 
    2. Consistent fonts and font sizes throughout the presentation 
    3. Use colors and background. No black and white presentations.  
    4. Include at least one references that are properly cited 
    5. Follow APA format (fonts, etc). 
    6. Include speaker notes for every slide except title and reference pages. 
    7. Did the use slides to convey ideas and handouts to communicate details?  
    8. Did the slides follow the golden rule of one idea per slide?.  
    9. Did the slide titles convey the key message of each slide? 
    10. Did the visual diagrams to convey the concepts in a simple, clear, and memorable way? 
    11. Can the charts be understood in less than 5 seconds? 
    12. Did the pictures add clarity to the message the slides  
    13. Did the presentation build curiosity in the audience by revealing information in stages?  
    14. Did the presentation repeat the agenda slide as a guidepost to review your points periodically? 
    15. Did the presentation minimize distractions for the audience by removing distracting backgrounds and attention diverting animations?  
    16. Are the slides clearly readable from the last row in the room?  
    17. Consistent fonts and font sizes throughout the presentation?

      In addition to the points above, I will be looking for speaker notes and be sure to include references. If you have not used speaker notes please research it on the Internet.