1). Download and install the “R” Programming tool (CRAN) onto your computer. First install the “Basic” version of “R”, then (2) install the “R” Studio. (3). Download and install the MySQL plug-in for Excel onto your computer. (4). Download and install the Python programming tool onto your computer. Verify successful installation of all tools by attaching one screen shot of each that display your completion of each software installation. A total of  four screen shots (2 for “R”, 1 for MySQL, and 1 for Python) is expected. Save the screen shots as a MS Word document (*.docx).

Either click the “Write Submission” link below and directly paste your screen shots into this forum OR add the screen shots as a Microsoft Word document attachment (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.). Also, please summarize in 1 -6 lines (in the Comment box) how the installation went for you. That is, what problems, if any, did you have and how were they solved?  What things went right for you during the installation?