cloud computing security and integrity


The research project will focus on research related to a cloud computing in financial industry ( capital one bank ) Pre-work on the project including the proposed Title and Outline should be emailed to the professor early for review and acceptance on Saturday afternoon.  The team should then begin to work on the project Saturday afternoon of the residency to be sure it can be completed during the Residency weekend. 

Hints :

Take capital one bank as a example case they use aws to continue their business and what difficulties did they face etc…, how is their security with in cloud ?

Requirements for the research paper include… 

• Must be written in APA format and should be 20-25 pages long. 

• Contain at least 3-5 works cited (references)

• At least 2 of the works cited should be peer-reviewed articles ( not more than 5 years old)

• No Wikipedia citations